Business looking for voiceover or radio ad?

So you are a small or medium business, and lets say you are looking to produce a short radio ad or web clip to advertise your business. You want two things… It needs to be cost effective, and it needs to look and sound professional. Where do you begin?

If you landed here you are on the right track. There are a ton of people out there that will promise an excellent product, but in the end it is going to cost you an arm and a leg! What should these things cost anyway? What do you need to plan for?

To produce a radio or video ad you need these three things:

1: You need to have a well designed script. It should be clear, concise, and straight to the point. What does your business sell, and why would I want it? This may cost you roughly $100 to have someone write for you.

2: You need to have a professional voice actor deliver your audio narration. Yes I know that you want to save money and read it yourself, but EVERYONE listening is too busy thinking “I bet this guy read this himself”. You want the delivery to be realistic, and transparent. VO pros do this for a living, and it shows! Expect to spend about $300 per 400 words for a non union voice actor on a short radio run.

3: Music! It is important to find the right sound for your particular ad. Even if it is only 10 seconds of music behind the narration it makes all the difference to the listener! Again you want your ad to be transparent. Expect to spend under $100 for a music track.

Developing  an ad that has a transparent delivery allows the listener to focus on the ads message, and not spend this valuable time that you have purchased wasted on the listener critiquing a sketchy production. In the end it is all about your business making the most out of your investment, and the only way to do it is to have the professionals do what they do best!

Need a professional voiceover for your project? Just shoot us an email, and we will be happy to give you a free quote! Email:

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2 Responses to Business looking for voiceover or radio ad?

  1. news says:

    You really entertain me!

  2. voice over says:

    OK, So I would like to become a voice actor. I am very interested in
    anime and think it would be really fun! I am not in college yet but I was thinking about
    going to The University of Philadelphia for my college on acting.
    I do have a few questions though: I heard they were sometimes held in New York, should I take my chances
    there or see what they have in Texas? What experience
    should I have before college, would being in Drama club and Chorus be something, what else could I do to help with my support?
    Working on changing my voice, a tough one, My mother sings and is
    a voice teacher, I could ask for help from her,
    what else would you recommended me to do? Thank you and please put SERIOUS answers,
    i don’t want any of those Bull crap “Why would you want to be a voice actor” or “Why should I care” kind of stuff..

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