Does a quiet place drive you crazy?

I just read an article about “the quietest place on earth” – the most incredible sound isolation booth you’ve ever seen located in south Minneapolis at Orfield Labs. I would absolutely love the opportunity to record a voice over gig in this anechoic chamber! At 99.99 percent sound absorption you can supposedly hear the sound of your own lungs vibrating from breathing. I didn’t even realize that my lungs were making sound! I was under the impression that it was a relatively silent operation, but come to think of it I don’t think about breathing much at all…

You are now manually breathing.

So I am sure that it is creepy to be marooned in this black hole of vibrations, but I would like to publicly accept the challenge to sit alone in this room for however long it takes (over 45min) to break shatter the record! As a voiceover professional I have spent many long hours in isolation studios of all shapes and sizes allover the country – I have trained for this.

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