Getting started with your Demo.

vogig studio recording equipmentSo if the demo is so important where can I get started if I don’t have one, or I’m not happy with the one I’ve been using? Any professional studio will be more than happy to get you in to record a brand new shiny demo with 10 custom readymade commercial reads that will sound GREAT! Out of the 10 you will pick out the best 3 for your demo, and you are all set! Now just check out at the front, and don’t forget your checkbook! It will seriously cost you thousands.

No kidding either – for the aforementioned package you will pay roughly $3000. After reading this you may think exactly what I thought… Home Studio to the rescue!

I have run my own home studio for the past 5 years, and I can tell you first hand that it was a bumpy ride! You, however, need not suffer… I am about to make getting started very simple for you!

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