Home studio loud feedback attack!

I see a lot of questions about people getting loud feedback coming through the studio monitors during playback or recording. If you are having issues getting loud feedback in the studio it is very likely that your recording booth and your mixing booth are in the same room… or close enough that your mic can pick up the monitor sound.

What is happening? Your studio microphones only job is to capture the sound vibrations passing through it, and reproduce them as a signal that your recording interface can interpret. The recording interface reads this signal, and if your studio monitors are active it will play it back for you to hear. So… if your armed mic is close enough to hear the sound from your studio monitors it will cause some MAJOR feedback as the same signal is bounced back and forth between your input and output.

Home studio loud feedback noise

Solution: Either you need to isolate your recording studio from your mixing studio, or you need to make sure to disarm (mute) your mic when you are ready to kick those studio monitors up! You could always invest in a nice set of headphones too! I use the DT 770 Pro studio headphones by Beyerdynamic.

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