How to get studio quality voice over audio at home – Acoustic Treatment

One of the most important things to tackle when putting together a home recording studio is the sound quality of your recording booth. It is very likely that you did not build your house around a sound studio encased in two foot thick concrete walls – unless you did, and even you will still need further acoustic treatments! So lets say you are just going to use a quiet storage area in your house like most private home recording studios. The most important addition to your sound booth is acoustic treatments, and here at we use acoustic foam from the Foam Factory!

The Foam Factory delivers a really great product at some of best cost per square foot we have seen! They hooked us up with their 2” Pyramid Acoustic Foam in a really cool blue color! Us voice over folks are used to sitting in dark quiet rooms, and staring at charcoal grey walls all day but man it gets boring! The blue acoustic foam (they offer many colors) is really going to make your home studio a great place to work. We treated our 200sf isolation booth with the foam on walls and ceiling, and it makes all the difference! You can check out the data sheet on this particular foam HERE.

Similar acoustic foam from the big name companies will cost you thousands of dollars, but if you are looking for studio quality sound at a great price you want to check out

Over all we give the 2” Pyramid Acoustic Foam from Foam Factory, Inc. a top notch rating! It delivered exactly the amount of sound reduction we were looking for in our isolation studio, and we could not believe the price!

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