Just another Voice in the crowd?

voice over artist mike voss VOgigWe live and die by one thing in the Voice Over world – Our Demo.
If you are still shopping your 3 year old demo around it is probably time to update it! Your voice is constantly changing, and the voice on your old demo is likely not exactly the same as the one you will be using at a live audition. Now you might think this advice extreme, but just consider how much the world has changed in the past few years. You need to change right along with it. Listen to the current mainstream voice talents (even if you don’t like them) because THEY are working pros. Find the most famous voice that matches your persona, and start to emulate them. You want to be your own talent of course, but it can’t hurt to add a few of their qualities to your bag of tricks!

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  1. Erna says:

    amazing work.

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