Looking for that old time radio sound?

Wow this week has been crazy in the VO community! I guess everyone is getting ready to step out of hibernation and make the some Money! It will be interesting to see if we can land some major contracts with a few big names in this new found busy scene.

This is a great time to knock the dust off that old demo, and come up with something newold time 40's radio announcer sound to shake things up! For some reason I have seen a lot of requests for an “old time radio” sound. Not hard to do… Just do your best 40s announcer voice, and knock out the Bass and Treble with your Air Kill EQ plugin in Pro Tools! Check out the image to see a good example. Play around with it, and you will be surprised how great it sounds!

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2 Responses to Looking for that old time radio sound?

  1. Adam says:

    Just did this… great idea

  2. Eloida says:

    this post is so interesting, when i find some free time i will read all the others.

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