When it rains it pours! Bring on the VO work!

So after a long time of putting my feelers out there and peddling around my demo to voice over teavarious locations to land possible voiceover gigs it happened… the dreaded double day delivery! Two large VO projects due on the same night. No problem for most people if their projects both land on the same night, but for the voice over talent you cant just slam back another gallon of coffee to deliver the product. You have to save that voice!

So what can you do to help clear your voice for voice over work on those long gigs? I have really found that a tea called “Throat Coat” works wonders! There is no caffeine involved so you don’t have to worry about constricting your vocal chords, and a nice warm drink with a bit of honey always seems to do the trick! These little things can save you a lot of time and trouble on retakes in the studio!

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